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The National Heritage Center For Constitutional Studies

  • INSTRUCTOR BASED TRAINING:  NHCCS offers a 16-hour seminar on the "Our Magnificent Constitution."  It is a comprehensive walk through the  United States Constitution. NHCCS instructors take the student article by article, section by section, and clause by clause through the Constitution.  The course opens with a brief review of America's founding documents and their relationship to the Constitution and our nation's longstanding political tradition of self-government.  No  previous study of the United States Constitution is required. The only prerequisite is the desire to understand the government our founding fathers crafted on our behalf.  

The course material is delivered by an on-site instructor using video and power-point support to enhance the learning experience. The student is provided with a complete set of the power-point slides to minimize note taking allowing the student's attention to focus on what the instructor is saying.    This is a wonderful course to help re-connect Americans, and those seeking American citizenship, with the roots of the American Republic.  And... there is NEVER a test!

  • DVD BASED TRAINING: NHCCS offers a number of educational DVDs on varying aspects of American government.  Each seminar is  45-minutes in duration and a great source of focused information on particular subjects.  See the course catalog for available titles. Course Catalog.
  • SPECIAL EVENTS: NHCCS holds and attends various events throughout the year.    We strive to make all of these events not only educational and enlightening but also entertaining. Watch for announcements concerning these events on the NHCCS home page. Or Sign up to be notified of upcoming events.
  • CONSTITUTION DAY GALA: Since its founding in January of 1997, NHCCS has observed the anniversary of the Signing of Our Nation's Constitution.  Constitution Day is held in September.   See our homepage for details.
  • SPEAKERS: NHCCS will be happy to speak at your event.  Contact us if  we can be of service to you. 

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