Statement of Purpose

The National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies is the former New Hampshire Center for Constitutional Studies (NHCCS), which  was incorporated in the State of New Hampshire in January 1997.  NHCCS is a volunteer, educationally oriented, non-profit, non- partisan, organization whose mission is: "To teach the principles of liberty and union in the tradition of the Founding Fathers."

A volunteer, eleven  member Executive Board oversee the operation of the NHCCS. Initially all of the Executive  Board members were long time residents of New Hampshire;  however, together with its expanded honorary board, NHCCS now has a presence in some 7 states. The Board members come from a variety of backgrounds, several serve as elected public officers.  

To accomplish the Center's goal of teaching and reaffirming our nation's roots, NHCCS  distributes educational material to schools and civic organizations, holds workshops on the U.S. Constitution, leads self-training discussion groups, hosts video based seminars on Constitutional government, and hosts speaker forums. We strive to use primary source material as well as instructors and speakers who are recognized experts on the U.S. Constitution and other of our nation's founding documents.

NHCCS Board members are dedicated to the purpose of preserving our Constitutional Republic through education. We believe that only through an informed citizenry, one that understands the roots of its republican form of government, will America remain a free and sovereign nation.

Dianne L. Gilbert
Chairman, NHCCS