"America's founders declared that our republic and its Constitution were established by the hand of God. They emphasized that He will continue to bless our land only if we are a moral and religious people who govern ourselves by the inspired principles of liberty and union."

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The National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies adopts the mission statement of the National Center for Constitutional Studies. We are  "dedicated to teaching the principles of liberty and union in the tradition of America's Founding Fathers."  May we help reconnect you to the roots of the American Republic?    

NHCCS Is Proud to Offer . . .

Our Magnificent Constitution

16 Hr Seminar on the American Constitution
  • Ever wonder how America rose from 13 fledgling colonies to become a world power?
  • Did you know she became a world power in less than 200 years?
  • Did you know our Constitution is the longest running, political document the world has ever known?
  • Are you curious as to the political philosophy in which the Constitution is rooted?
  • Are you curious as to what moved and motivated our Founding Fathers to do as they did?
  • Who they were? What they were like? Where they got their ideas that made America GREAT?
IF the answer to ANY of these questions is YES...
Then the NHCCS seminar OUR MAGNIFICENT CONSTITUTION is a must for you!
For more information:
Call: 603-734-5933 or send an inquiry email to chat@nhccs.org
We will be pleased to speak with you.
In Celebration of. . .
December 15th - Bill of Rights Day
All too many Americans, have a tendency to reduce the Bill of Rights to JUST the cherished protections of the 1st, 2nd, and 10th Amendments.  As critically important as these amendments truly are, the reach, the weightiness of the Bill of Rights goes far beyond ALL of its stated protections. This NHCCS sponsored event will feature
New Hampshire’s own Patriot Pastor Garrett Lear speaking on

"The Original Intent of the Bill of Rights . . . Then and Now."
Please plan to join us as we gather to keep our founding documents relevant!
At this 227th Anniversary of the ratification of the American Bill of Rights.
December 13th - 11AM - Legislative Office Bldg - Concord, NH
Admission is free - But space is limited - Registration of intent to attend is recommended.
 NHCCS is reachable by phone at 603-734-5933
And by email: chat@nhccs.org

KNOWLEDGE is the ONE TRUE SOURCE of personal liberty!

NHCCS accepts no government funding.
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The Crossing  

the American Republic

Click on the following titles to listen to two minutes of constitutional wisdom with
 Dr. Lee Button, formerly of NHCCS.
The Crossing
NHCCS Course Offerings:

 The Constitutional Power to Declare War

* The Constitution 101
16 hr walk through the Constitution for the United States of America.
This course is offered both as an onsite course and by webinar. The Student iswalked through the 7 Main Articles of the Constitution with referenceto the 27 Amendments.

 Raising the Debt Limit - The Power to Spend

 Our Co-independent but NOT Co-equal branches of Government

Presumed Presidential Power Is Unconstitutional

* Origins: Bill of Rights
8 hr  walk through the origins of the American Bill of Rights. The American Bill of Rights
has roots not just in English Common Law, and the Magna Charta, but also
in God's revealed Law..

Presidential Signing of Bills into Law in Absentia

 Nullification: Regaining State Sovereignty Under the Constitution

* 1913: Watershed Year
6 hr study of the three major events that trampled the Founding Fathers plan for a limited government.  Ratification of  the16th & 17th Amendments, & the creation of the Federal Reserve. Who were the political actors most responsible for bringing about those two Amendments?

 National Government versus Federal Government

What Place the NLRB Under the Constitution?

America is a DEMOCRACY?


* Tortured Clauses of the Constitution
8 hr study  focusing on the clauses used by Progressives to take America down a path she was never intended to go: General Welfare, Commerce, Necessary & Proper,
& Supremacy  clauses.
Why The Framers Chose INDIRECT Election of the President

Nullification... State Power to Declare Federal Law Null and Void

Constitutional Mandate for Uniform Taxation - Class War Fare Unlawful!

* So You Got Elected to Public Office...What Now?
2 hr seminar  "Are you ready to govern?" What should be the mindset of a fully responsible  public officer? What  limits a public officer's governing power?
Mocked and Knocked Clauses of the Constitution


* Our Magnificent Constitution
16 hr study covering 2 of the 3 Great Compromises of the Constitutional Convention. Video based training embellished by interactive power-point discussion. 
(6) 2-Hr Sessions
Is there a topic you would like to hear more about? 
Give us a call at 603-734-5933
 Do you need to be reconnected to the roots of the American Republic?
*  Non-Delegation
4 hr study of the non-delegation doctrine. How the Progressives conveniently ignored this principle to jettison the Separation of Powers and the Check and Balance doctrines  upon which the Framers rested the Constitution & the safety of the people.


You can reach us at: 603-734-5933. 
We are available to speak at your function and/or lead educational seminars on
the Constitution / Constitutional Government &  the American Founding!


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NHCCS is an 501 (c) (3) educational, non-profit organization.  We take no government funding
We do rely on private donations from people just like you!

All donations are applied toward accomplishing the NHCCS mission.
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America Has A Glorious Heritage - Every American Should Know It! 

 Do you need to be reconnected to the roots of the American Republic?

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America has a Proud Heritage 
She Is A Role Model For World Freedom




This IS what every American needs to know to keep America free.
It is the DUTY of every American to know their history!


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National Heritage Center is an educational, 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.
We take no government funding ~ We do rely on private donations from people just like you!
All donations are applied toward accomplishing the NHCCS mission.
NHCCS has NO paid staff

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Patriots Week.org: Renewing the Spirit of America as an inspiration to American youth to learn the truth about the roots of the American Republic.

National Center Constitutional Studies: Restoring the Constitution in accordance with the intent of America's Founders.


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"A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do. We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know where we came from or what we have been about."
_Woodrow Wilson

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